Build the next generation
of customer loyalty

3mint is your all-in-one customer engagement platform for the new digital era. Powered by Web3, built for scale.

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It's time for a new customer engagement model.

Let’s face it, today’s loyalty programs are lame, and digital marketing is filled with spam and click bait. Invest in a model where you:
Build deeper, longer-term consumer engagement.
Own your distribution channel.
Empower your customers.
Build meaningful community.
Made for Marketing teams

With 3mint, you can build the future of:

How? Pick your flavor.

With 3mint, you can build the future of:

Loyalty & Rewards Programs

Deliver the future of loyalty to your customers. Build programs that increase engagement and highlight your power users.

Supercharged Web3 Communities

Brand is community, and community is loyalty. Turn your customers into stakeholders by building genuine community.

NFT Engagement Campaigns

Delight your customers in new ways, with collectibles they can own, trade, and redeem for exclusive perks and products.

Token Gated Commerce

The future of commerce and loyalty is multiplayer, and that starts with token gated commerce.

How does 3mint work?

Build a loyalty program or engagement campaign in a few easy steps.

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Web3 is the distribution channel of the future, and you own it.

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All the benefits of Web3.
None of the pain.

Focus on creating an amazing user experience for your customers.

Gasless Airdrops

Programmatically mint and distribute NFTs and tokens directly to users. No wallet required.

Custodial Wallets

Automatically generate custodial wallets for your users. Allow connections to third party apps.

Multi-chain by default

Choose whatever blockchain suits your needs. Ethereum, Polygon, EVM chains, and Solana by default.

Seamless Integrations

Integrate with all the tools you use, from CRMs like Hubspot & Salesforce, to ecommerce tools like Shopify, and more.

Insights & analytics

Get individualized insights based on customer purchases. Track mints, conversions, CPMs, and more.

Token Gating

Token gate anything from a blog post to a product on an ecommerce platform based on highly flexible requirements.

Designed for flexibility, with developers in mind.

Don’t feel limited, our developer platform gives you control and flexibility to build powerful, scalable Web3 products and experiences.
Enterprise-grade REST APIs & SDKs
Developer Dashboard
Integrations with 3rd party tools
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Increase your Customer Lifetime Value at a fraction of the cost.

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