Loyalty & Rewards Programs

Revamp your loyalty program with digital collectibles

Increase LTV and engage a younger audience by gamifying your loyalty program.

Consumers spend more time online. Help them collect their digital moments
Lean in to gamification through quests and ownable, tradeable rewards
Expand the meaning of loyalty by going multiplayer


What's the value for marketing teams?

Increase retention

Use game design mechanics and rewards that have emotional and financial value to increase user stickiness.

Modernize Engagement

Point-based loyalty programs are stale. Attract younger audiences with digital collectibles.

Expand LTV

Make your best customers feel special and get the most out of your power users.

How it works

3 easy steps


Choose how to reward your customers


Create quests and promotional campaigns


Get users insights to dynamically engage

What does this look like in practice?

See how Starbucks is changing the loyalty industry with Starbucks Odyssey

Blog Post

Case Study: Starbucks Odyssey

The first in our case study series: Why Starbucks’ foray into Web3 and NFTs is such a massive deal for the future of customer loyalty.

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