Token Gated Commerce

Create an exclusive, token-gated shopping experience

Reward your best customers by token gating exclusive products and experiences

Increase LTV by making your best customers feel extra special.
Create gated products and experiences, online and offline.
Go multiplayer to expand and maximize your audience.


What's the value for marketing teams?

Increase Conversion

Convert passive consumers to power users. Convert marketing campaigns into sales, all at a lower CAC.

Expand your audience

Tap into complementary, forward-thinking brands in our network to expand your audience and cross-sell effectively.

Drive in-store sales

Distribute digitally, drive traffic in your store. Turn online activations into in-store sales.

How it works

3 easy steps


Create collectibles in a few clicks


Distribute them by email or QR code


Unlock rewards at the POS or in ecommerce

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Deliver a unique shopping experience to your customers.

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